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Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge NFC technology designed specifically for the food industry to capture customer data


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Reviews & Data for any business is an asset that’s worth having in bucket loads which helps to understand who your customers are, their behavior, and their interactions with the business.

Restaurants & Cafes

One of the drivers of success for any restaurant is being able to build strong relationships with your customers.

Bars& Brewery

Bring together all business data from feedbacks into one platform to have a complete view of your customers journey and take data driven decisions

Cloud Kitchen

A QR Code for data collection for cloud kitchen.Customers can scan a QR Code that helps to capture the data of online customers

Retail Outlets

We are not only for restaurents, we helps retail outlets to get more reviews and more customer data


Get inteligent data from all your guest easily with one tap, data plays an important role in scaling up your hospitality business


Collecting and analyzing customer feedback helps the salon identify areas for improvement

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Effortlessly collect valuable feedback from your patrons with a simple tap using our NFC-enabled cards and QR code

QR Code

In today's busy world, getting customer feedback is super important for businesses to improve. QR code technology makes collecting reviews easy and efficient. Businesses can use QR codes to make it simple for customers to give feedback, making the process convenient and easy to access.

Near-field communication

In today's digital world, customer reviews are crucial for a brand's reputation and buying decisions. To make review collection easier and improve user experience, businesses can use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. With NFC-enabled review collection, customers can give feedback seamlessly, making the process convenient and quick.

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Easy & Smart

Your customers don’t have to download apps or sign up

Built-in Dashboard

Capture customer numbers & name to build your database

Flexible Payments

Seamless Payment features. You can pay by debit cards, credit cards, UPI & wallets.

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Simple, fair pricing. Pay as you go subscription plans. No upfront costs or lock-in contracts.

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